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Hi, I'm Bettina Moss, and thanks for visiting.  Please take your time to explore my passion projects contained in these pages. 



* The Dream Merchant's Daughter is a historical fantasy (romantacy) novel that unfolds in New York City, time jumping between 1976 and 1916.


* Finding Daylight is a documentary film that tells the story of two families as they journey through loss and recovery after the events of September 11th.



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 As Managing Story Editor for HBO Films, and during time spent as a Fulbright Specialist researching Cross-Cultural Storytelling, I developed a keen understanding of strong narratives, both fictional and real. This led to how I define myself now – a creative whose goal is to illuminate our deepest human needs.


I live in Los Angeles but was born and raised in New York City, and often find myself developing stories that feature the 'city that never sleeps' as a pivotal character.


I'm also a big believer in self-reinvention.  Upon graduating from Columbia University, I pursued a career in journalism and, later, in the film and television industry.  Another turn took me into academia wherein I joined National University in California creating the MFA in Professional Screenwriting Program. 


Now, as I'm again beginning a new journey, I invite you to travel along with me!  Please feel free to reach out with comments or questions through the contact portal.