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The Dream Merchant's Daughter

THE DREAM MERCHANT'S DAUGHTER begins in 1976 - America's bicentennial. Heiress and budding fashionista Lauren Reynolds-Costello lives the good life between Central Park and Carnegie Hall. Yet she's captivated by the downtown punk-rock scene where she plays a dangerous game of Russian roulette with addictive drugs and volatile men.

When Lauren finds out that the loving dad who raised her is not her biological father, she's plunged into emotional chaos. Trying to locate her real father, she uncovers a supernatural link between him and the ancient Dacians - natives of what is now Romania, in the time before Christ. Present-day descendants of this venerable clan provide clues regarding her lifelong feelings of 'otherness.' Indeed, Lauren discovers she's inherited the ability to harness certain forces of nature.


Unearthing more family secrets she learns that her great-grandfather, William Reynolds, was once a powerful New York City land baron, who constructed Dreamland Amusement Park in Coney Island. Lauren tries to save a unique house he built for his mistress in 1908, now slated for demolition. But on this quest, she experiences mystical visions of Darius, a young journalist who once lived there. Lauren is horrified to learn he was murdered years ago by her paranormal father. To save Darius she must unleash her own hidden powers and time-travel back to 1916. But if she's successful, will she forfeit her only chance of happiness with him?

THE DREAM MERCHANT’S DAUGHTER is inspired by characters and events both real and imagined, resulting in a story woven of magic and truth.


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